My life beyond academic stuff! 

Jogging and working out.

Great to relax a bit from stresfull reviewing and publishing processes!

I never realized how much working out changes my mood until I came back to the gym after two years of pandemic. It felt amazing!


I'm (re)learning how to play the piano, so that I can play my favorite Lana Del Rey songs whenever I feel like doing it!

 It is hard, though, to memorize all the chords and make sure my two hands are moving the way they should.


Currently, I'm obssessed with Monster Hunter Rise and Mario Strikers. Also finishing Lego Star Wars (not that good). 

In general, I love fighting games, such as MK, Tekken and Smash Bros.

Cafe gourmand.

Many cafes and bistros in France offer mini desserts with coffee on their menus.

I'm in the search for the perfect cafe gourmand since the first time I tried it! At least once a week I go somewhere new to taste it.