Dr. Lucas Amaral Lauriano

I am an Assistant Professor at IESEG School of Management (Paris) and a member of the IESEG's Center for Organizational Responsibility I received my Ph.D. from King's Business School - King's College London. 

I have been working with social and environmental issues in management for the past 14 years, helping organizations improve their practices and "walk the talk". 

My research has been featured at the Academy of Management Journal, Governance, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Journal of Business Ethics, Business & Society, IRL Review and Corporate Governance, besides several technical and research reports. 

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Research focus

My qualitative research is at the intersection between the strategy implementation of social and environmental initiatives and employees’ evaluations

Main topics:


PhD - Management - King's Business School - King's College London.  

MA's - Development Practice, organized by Columbia's Earth Institute, and locally implemented by UFRRJ (Brazil). 

BA's - International Relations - PUC Minas (Brazil)

Previous experience

Several years of experience in the automotive sector at Volkswagen do Brasil.

I also worked as a researcher and consultant in diverse sustainability projects at Dom Cabral Foundation, one of the most prestigious Brazilian business schools. 

Latest news

FNEGE Special CSR Award 2023

We won this award from the French National Foundation of Management Research for our research on concelable stigmas and social media. 

The awarding body recognized the quality of the piece, as well as the relevance and transferability of academic knowledge to organizational practices.

More information about the award.

Pre-print version of our article.

Award-winning article at the Strategic Management Society  Annual Conference 2022

The article we presented at the 2022 SMS received the best impact paper award from the Strategy Practice Interest Group. 

In this research, we explore how silos between functional departments hinder sustainability efforts, leading to a situation of means-ends decoupling between practices and their outcomes. 

Now, we just need to get this work published! 

Losing Control: The Uncertain Management of Concealable Stigmas When Work and Social Media Collide

In this short video, I highlight some curiosities about my study on concealable stigma management and social media at the workplace. 

Social media does not impact all employees equally!

Check out this short video from my study on how gay male employees manage social media, spaces where peers, friends and family co-habit. 

The paper is at the AMJ February 2023 issue.